When to Use Commercial Tree Care

When a real estate developer purchases a property, the land is almost never ready for construction right away. The most common problem new land owners face is the uncontrolled shrubs and trees that typically overrun the area. Without any trimming or monitoring for years, vegetation can grow at unprecedented rates, completely untouched, making it impossible to build on the land without clearing everything out first.

Another common problem is when the area becomes a dumping ground. People notice the uninhabited land and start to leave their trash there instead of using normal disposal methods or driving their garbage to a local dump.

Whether it’s overgrown bushes and trees or a heap of trash, the ground needs to be cleared and leveled before any construction can begin. Because of that, real estate developers work with commercial tree removal companies to clear the land prior to building on it. Commercial tree removal companies cut down all visible trees, bushes, and shrubs, remove stumps, and also yank out all the roots so no more greenery will grow in the location.

It’s always smarter to work with local commercial tree contractors because of their experience in the area and familiarity with local plant species. Additionally, when the volume of trees that need to be removed is high, the transportation costs can be very expensive, if not cost-prohibitive. Not only does it take multiple trips to get rid of the trees, but special heavy-weight capacity vehicles must be used to carry them to the disposal site.

When it’s time to build a school, set up a solar panel array for electricity, or clear land to make room for a mall, search for a local arborist that has experience with commercial tree work. Some small outfits are not able to handle the volume of work involved in a large scale land clearing project.