Residential Conservation Handyman Services

Part of environmental conservation in residential areas is ensuring that vegetation grows properly. Many homes have trees in their yards, which if left unattended, grow uncontrollably. The tree limbs expand into other trees, cross over telephone wires and cables, and sometimes become a hazard to residents living in the area. Imagine what would happen if a storm hit the area and a tree limb fell on the house. That would be a major problem. So, as the homeowner, you have a few potential options. One, you could go up on your roof and try to cut the tree limb yourself. Two, you could hire a tree service to remove the limb. Three, you could hire a handyman service to cut the limb.

Out of the 3 options, the best solution for the long term is to hire a tree service to prune your trees on a regular basis so they grow in an even manner and do not pose a danger to the residents. However, in the short-term, tree services can be very expensive. We’ve seen quotes of $2,300 or more to take down a single tree. That’s why we recommend contacting a handyman service to remove the tree limb. Handyman services like Astoria Handyman provide a wide array of tasks from tree pruning to painting to renovations to outdoor labor. They’re the people you can call for just about anything. Of all the companies we’ve reviewed, Astoria Handyman was the most well-rounded service provider. They do basic tree work like limb removal. However, if you want to remove the whole tree, you would need to hire a residential trees service. A handyman company can be a useful partner in residential environmental conservation efforts by performing basic pruning services for trees, bushes, and other shrubbery.